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We're a student-founded and student-run organization dedicated to providing youth around the world with personalized volunteering opportunities to help out the COVID-19 response.

Learn about our cohort initiatives, opportunities, and our mission!
About Us

What We Do

Our mission is to provide a platform where people can connect and help while staying safe.

We aim to help everyone do what they can to fight the effects of the virus, aid people and organizations affected by COVID-19, and help people adjust to life in quarantine.

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About Us

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The process

What will volunteering
with us look like?

1. Sign Up

After signing up for an IWC account, you’ll get to do a personalized quiz for us to get to know you better. This includes your hobbies, interests, and skillset.

2. Find Opportunities

Based on your answers, we’ll recommend some opportunities customized for your time commitment, abilities, and your interest in each of our cohorts.

3. Get Connected

We’ll then provide you with information on how to get started, connect you to our partner organizations, and present you with volunteering initiatives offered by other organizations.

4. Receive Guidance

As you make your way through an opportunity, we’ll guide you through any questions and speed bumps. As you complete each assignment, you can update your volunteer hour form in your IWC account.

How Can You Help?

Whether you have an hour, a few markers, or a skill to share— we'll make it count. Sign up for or log in to your IWC account to start making an impact.
Our areas of focus


Our work is focused on 3 primary sectors:

Care Centres

Help out care centres whose residents may be experiencing difficulties during their self-isolation.

Public Health

Find ways to support frontline workers as they continue to fight the coronavirus at its peak.


Support food banks, blood banks, women's shelters, medical institutions, and local businesses through this difficult time.
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Amplifying Voices

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We got you covered. Ideas, virtual opportunities, and activities for you to fill your summer with.

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