Why It Matters

So many of our community’s most vulnerable rely on food banks, healthcare institutions, and shelters to meet their everyday needs. With a worldwide pandemic and a shortage of both volunteers and donations, supporting them has become extremely difficult— but more important than ever.
Our Causes

Our Fundraisers

Our goal is to help support our community's most vulnerable, and provide aid in every at-risk sector.

Red Cross

The Canadian Red Cross is offering two programs to support community organizations so they can continue to deliver vital services to those who are the most vulnerable to the health, social and economic impacts of COVID-19.

Food Banks Canada

Food Banks Canada is looking to raise $150 million to fill food bank shelves and provide safety equipment to volunteers.


UNICEF is trying to raise $535 million to meet the humanitarian needs of children and families in Yemen, and to provide aid to those without the resources to treat the coronavirus.

University Health Network

UHN has established an emergency COVID-19 fund, where funds raised will support initiatives that will support the health and well-being of staff and patients alike. Funds are also needed to drive critical research efforts into faster diagnosis and treatments.

What we're doing to help


Our goal is to help organizations in some of the most affected sectors of COVID-19 financially, by showing our support, and by spreading their cause on our website and social media.

Buying From Small Businesses

When you donate to our fundraisers, we’ll purchase and send you a small token of our appreciation from our Etsy shop partnerships. All proceeds will support small Etsy businesses, who will then donate a portion of their profits to COVID causes! Check out some of the products you might receive below.

IWC Events

Our fundraising initiatives will include charity concerts, live streams, raffles, contests, and more! Follow us on instagram to stay updated on our future events.

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